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We started Primal Capital to invest our assets in a way that finally made sense. A way that’s low-cost, tax-efficient, and built around owning high-quality businesses. So we built a simple, scalable set of funds optimized for preserving wealth, compounding it, and generating income. And in the process, we built an entirely new approach to wealth management.

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Explore our funds optimized for preserving, compounding, and generating yield from your wealth.

We are closed to outside capital. We're simply openly sharing our fund positions with a 3-month lag. We share all of this for educational purposes only.

We are closed to outside capital. We're simply openly sharing our fund positions and fundamental research as we think it might be of use to a broader audience. Follow along by joining our newsletter.

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Primal Capital is an investment firm purpose-built to create long-term value and bring common sense to wealth management. We believe in simple, entrepreneurial investing executed with discipline for decades.

Primal Capital is part of the Arcade Group alongside Ligature, Outlier Academy, and Wildside.

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